Teens School

Teens School offers an after-school-program for junior high. Classes offered in the evening, once a week. It is a two-year program. 

The Teens School works with teenagers aged 14-15. The training program includes not only Bible truths, but also practical life skills. The goal of the school is to provide the guidance, biblical principles, information based on which students could make the right choices in life and learn to apply spiritual truths daily. Lectures are conducted by teachers from various churches, pastors, and students of Bible College.  After graduating from the Teens School, the student receives a certificate of completion and has the right to enter Bible College without entrance exams.

The program of study includes the following topics: Faith, Forgiveness, Temptation, Spiritual Warfare, Human Beauty, Repentance and Salvation, as well as, Finance, Etiquette, Nutrition, Friendship and Dating, Suicide and Depression, Creation and Evolution, Occultism, Social Networks and the Internet, etc.

To register for Teens School, please text “Bible” to 503-305-3531 to receive an application. Group recruitment occurs once a year in August.

For question, please call at 503-888-9725.